Post Placement Report

Your agency may provide you with more specific guidelines about what it expects in the post placement report. Some agencies/regions require that a social worker complete the reports during the initial time home; these official reports might also be required by your state for readoption. You may be required to have them notarized, apostilled and translated. Below are some suggestions for areas that can be addressed.

You may be expected to submit one at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 1.5 years, 2 years, 2.5 years, 3 years, or some combination of these times, usually adding up to 6-7 within 3 years. You may also be required to submit one yearly, with pictures, until the age of majority. The US Embassy in Almaty states that the reports are to be done yearly until the child is 18, they must be done by a licensed social worker or adoption agency, and sent to the Kazakhstan Embassy/Consulate, with a copy sent to the MOE. I have a document containing the local Departments of Education addresses [word document] for you to download, from February 2007.

POST-PLACEMENT REPORT DATED DD/MM/YYYY (may also be asked to include report number, time after adoption)

Child's Name at Birth
Child's Current Name
Child's Date of Birth
Child's Place of Birth
Orphanage adopted from

Adoption agency, facilitator
Date of adoption/placement with family
Adoptive Parent(s)
Current Address, phone numbers, e-mail

Date of last medical exam
Current height/weight, placement on growth chart
Vaccinations, illnesses/treatments, results of physical exams
Current status of problems reported on initial medical report from Kazakhstan (only appropriate for initial report or if the problem is ongoing) or from the last post placement report.
Frequency of medical/dentist and other medical professional visits

Physical and language development, compared to "normal" as appropriate
Daily routine with activities, such as pre-school, music, gymnastics, dance, soccer, piano, etc.
Developmental support such as physical therapy, speech therapy, ESL.
Eating and sleeping habits

Social interaction with peers and adults
General personality traits
Activities they enjoy or excel at
Comments from other adult, such as day care workers or teachers

Grade placement, progress, favorite subjects, activities, grades

How and when child interacts with parent(s), siblings, other family members and caregivers.

8-10 pictures of child doing activities, interacting with family and others
Especially include pictures from reunions and with other Kazakh children

Other categories you might want to consider: heritage and cultural education, trips, educational experiences, contact with other international/Kazakhstan adoptees. You might also want to add photocopies of medical, therapy, and/or school reports.

I highly recommend that you make at least one copy of each post-placement report for your records. That way you can send it again to your agency if it gets lost. I also recommend that you (or your social worker) send the report with delivery confirmation to provide proof that it was sent.

I do have a sample report [word document] available for download.


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