Kazakhstan Adoption Dossier Documents

These documents were provided by a parent who was doing an independent adoption - thanks Vanessa; they were submitted to the Kazakhstan Consulate in New York City in June 2005, approved in July, and approved by the ministries in Kazakhstan in August. They are provided here for your information only. Your agency should provide you with all of the forms and documents that you need to complete, and they may vary from what is here. Some agencies and some regions require additional documentation than what is here. FWIW, I did an independent adoption in 1999 and these forms look like what I submitted. They are listed in the order that they need to be in for the dossier and are in .doc format [word document] or are PDFs [PDF link]. This is not a list of everything that needs to be in the dossier, only forms/documents that must be included in addition to home study, birth certificates, etc.

Registration Letter and Information Sheet [word document]: this is the cover letter of the dossier, just listing basic information for quick reference.

Document List and Affadavit [word document] is essentially a table of contents.

Petition to Adopt [word document] is a formal request to be allowed to adopt. The letter should be addressed to the Embassy of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Education of Astana and Department of Guardianship and Social Care.

Certificate of Authenticity for Passport Photocopies [word document] since you can't get a certified copy of your passport, you must first make a copy and then affirm that it is a copy of the original.

Medical Letter [word document] verifying that you are healthy enough to adopt. With new requirements being proposed, this document may need to be more detailed and/or contain more than one physician's signature. I have 2 examples of a psych examination letter, one a generic form [word document] and one that was an actual letter used [PDF link]; these are not currently required, but I thought I would provide them just in case.
The following are documents received from the Kazakhstan Consulate that should fulfill the new requirements: medical letter for parents [PDF link], medical letter for other adults [PDF link] living in the house, and child medical letter [PDF link] for children currently living in the house. Medical reports may expire after 3 months, so be prepared to do them again before you travel.
To get a copy of the doctor's license, it might smooth the way if you had an official letter from your adoption agency that talks about needing it. If the doctor is reluctant, they can write "for adoption purposes only" across it. If all else fails, you should be able to get a copy online from the medical board of your state.

Employment letter [word document]: verification of your employment status and salary by your employer.

Self-employment Letter [word document] for your CPA to fill out if you are self-employed and don't have a boss to fill out the previous letter.

Financial Information [word document] and housing description. People have reported having a problem getting their bank, particularly Bank of America, to write a letter. One reader suggests asking for an "Apostille Reference Letter"; call their National Help/Customer Solutions Line at 888-717-3999; they should send a letter to your local branch manager to sign.

Certification of Attached Documents [word document]

Power of Attorney for Coordinator [word document] to allow them to work on your behalf with the orphanage and court.

Registration Obligations [word document] agreement to register your child with the Embassy/Consulate and to allow visitation by them. Information and the form are also available from the Kazakhstan Consulate [external link] and the Assistant Stork [external link].

The following links are documents from the Kazakhstan Embassy: Medical Form [external link], Parents Committment Letter [external link] and Dossier Instructions [external link]. If you have a problem downloading these, just let me know as I have a copy.

FBI Identification Record Request [external link] can be submitted only by the family directly to the FBI, and can only be sent directly back to the family. They will not apostille this, but they will include a letter stating that they don't do it. The cost is $18 (money order or certified check) for each person, and takes 6-8 weeks. If you need it sooner than that, you can add a deadline to your request, but there is no guarantee that it can be done quickly. You will either get a "No record" response or a FBI Identification Record. I do not think that this can be done from the USCIS fingerprinting, but you can at least have the fingerprints taken at that time: they do not mention whether or not they will accept scanned fingerprints. You should also be able to get the fingerprints done at a local police station. You might want to submit 2 sets of cards, in case one is not readable. Include a letter to the FBI [word document] and mark the envelope "URGENT: ADOPTION CASE" to perhaps speed up the process. I have FBI instructions [word document] which includes phone numbers that you can call to check on the progress of your prints. The US Embassy in Almaty has provided a letter to the General Procurator and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan concerning criminal background checks done on adopting parents: FBI checks [word document].

Every document must be apostilled; you used to be able to bundle most of the documents and get a single apostille, but that is no longer allowed. The dossier must be translated by translators approved by the Kazakhstan Embassy or Consulate; contact information can be found on the Assistant Stork and Legal-Eaze websites noted above and below. You must also submit two complete exact copies of the translated dossier; every word must show clearly (no blurring or cutting off) and the photocopies must be the same size as the originals.

An excellent resource on the requirements for the dossier can be found on the website of the Assistant Stork [external link]. If you are not adopting through an adoption agency, you must submit your dossier in person to the Embassy, or you can use Legal-Eaze [external link] to take it to the Consulate in New York City.

Validity of documents: At the time of Embassy submission, all documents must not be older than 4 month from the date of issue. The exceptions are: medical certificates must be less than 3 months old and the FBI clearance must be less than 6 months old. The notary's commission must be good for at least one year at the time of submission of the dossier; the notary should use an embosser (creates a ridge) instead of just a stamp. The home study agency and social worker's licenses must be valid for a year; if such validity is not possible, a notarized and apostilled letter of explanation from the state's licensing authority must also be submitted.


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