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"city, northern Kazakstan. It lies on the Tobyl River. Rudny, meaning "ore" in Russian, was founded in 1955 beside the huge ore-dressing combine, then under construction, which mines and processes the rich Sokolovkaand Sarbay iron-ore deposits. A reservoir on the Tobyl supplies the city and combine with water. Electrified rail links join Rudny with cities in the Urals." From the Encyclopaedia Britannica [external link].

If you do an internet search for Rudnyy, you will find lots of sites with information about mining. You will also find references to Rudnyy Altai, which is on the other side of the country.

Some of the Kostanai [external link] site may have information as well, since it is near Rudny.

Rudnyy Map with Kazakh nationality (click on map to see a larger image, shows location of Kazakhs) used with permission from World Map [external link].

Falling Rain [external link] has maps and current weather conditions (temperature, cloud cover and precipitation).

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Wiki: Rudny [external link]

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There are several videos on Youtube [external link] of someone driving around Rudny.

Link recently added: [external link]: population, city coat of arms, map, history, and pictures.


  • Tselinnaya: "June 2006, $70/night, carpet not clean and noisy."
  • Medey/Medeo: "It's brand new, across the street from the Police Headquarters, so very safe, and has a very nice restaurant. It is run very much like an American hotel, with laundry, mini-bar, TV (but the only English is a bit from British Discovery Channel), room service, internet available in the rooms, and housekkeping every day. It is more pricey, but worth it if you have a toddler or little one on the floor the whole time. The Medey is very nice - marble floors everywhere, large bathrooms, and runs between $90 for a single twin bed to about $150 for a suite which contains two bedrooms, and a room with couches and TV, and mini-bar. My daughter and I stayed in a large room with a queen bed, and plenty of room for her to spread out and play. I paid about $120/night for 2 weeks. Well worth it.
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