Ridder, Leninogorsk

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"NE Kazakhstan, in the Altai Mts. It is a mining center in an area that is the chief source of Kazakh zinc and lead. Silver, copper, and gold are also mined. The first mines were opened in the late 18th cent. Leninogorsk's metallurgical factories produce lead, copper, zinc concentrates, and cadmium. Until 1940 the city was known as Ridder." Columbia Encyclopedia [external link]

Check on the Öskemen, Ust-Kamenogorsk [external link] page for other possible sources of information.

Quote from Pravda on June 11, 2002: "The town of Leninogorsk (Kazakhstan's north-east) will regain its historic name - Ridder, the press service of the Eastern-kazakhstan regional administration said on Tuesday. The new name of the town will be approved at a meeting of the municipal parliament on June 13. The decision to rename the town was taken by the special onomastic commision. The town of Leninogorsk had the name Ridder form 1786 till 1941. It was called so after Philip Ridder [British engineer-businessman], who discovered the local deposti of poly-metallic ores."

Ridder Map with Kazakh nationality (click on map to see a larger image, shows location of Kazakhs) used with permission from World Map [external link].

Sergey Komeva [external link] pictures.

Falling Rain [external link] has maps and current weather conditions (temperature, cloud cover and precipitation).

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Aboutkazakhstan.com [external link]: population, city coat of arms, map, history, and pictures.

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Ingvarr photo album [external link]

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Wiki: Ridder [external link]


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