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""city and major opencut coal-mining centre in northeastern Kazakstan, on the Ertis-Qaraghandy Canal. Coal was discovered in the region in 1876 and was mined on a small scale. Only after construction of a railway in 1953 did large-scale exploitation of Ekibastuz' rich but low-grade coal seams begin. In the 1970s Ekibastuz was the third largest coal-mining centre in the Soviet Union, but still consisted of isolated settlements, although a city centre was emerging. A regional station for the production of electrical power is located near the city to provide power for export to European Russia and to the Urals. The city has a plant for the production of reinforced concrete, a repair plant for transport and mining equipment, a dairy, a brewery, and a number of educational institutions." From the Encyclopaedia Britannica [external link].

"N Kazakhstan. It is the industrial center of a bituminous coal-mining basin, which has coal reserves estimated at 8 billion tons. Although coal mining began in the late 19th cent., the city became industrialized only in the 1950s, when the railroad reached it. The coal is burned to provide electricity." Formerly on the Columbia Encyclopedia.

Ekibastuz Map with Kazakh nationality (click on map to see a larger image, shows location of Kazakhs) used with permission from World Map [external link].

Ekibastuz.kz [external link] is in Russian; history, photogallery, culture, businesses, banks, schools, medicine, tourism.

Falling Rain [external link] has maps and current weather conditions (temperature, cloud cover and precipitation).

Wiki: Ekibastuz [external link]

Youtube: Ekibastuz [external link]

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Fifty Years After 'Denisovich,' Traveling Back To Solzhenitsyn's Gulag [external link]

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Aboutkazakhstan.com [external link]: population, city coat of arms, map, history, and pictures.


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