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"Central Kazakstan, on a reservoir of the Kara-Kengir River. The city was created in 1938 in connection with the exploitation of the rich local copper deposits. In 1973 a large mining and metallurgical complex [Kazakhmys] was constructed to the southeast to smelt the copper that until then had been sent elsewhere for processing. The city has a rail link with Qaraghandy. Its urban area includes the neighbouring mining town of Satpayev." From the Encyclopedia Britannica [external link].

Zhezkazgan Map with Kazakh nationality (click on map to see a larger image, shows location of Kazakhs) used with permission from World Map [external link].

Research paper [external link]: Reform of Primary Health Care in Kazakhstan and the Effects on Primary Health Care Worker Motivation: The Case of Zhezkazgan Region. You can also search for Evaluation of Health Insurance Demonstrations: Dzheskasgan and South Kazakhstan Oblasts.

If you search the internet, you will find lots of references for the purchase of minerals from this area.

Yahoo Group: Zhezkazgan [external link] is for parents whose kids are (or will be) from Zhezkazgan. Little recent activity.

Falling Rain [external link] has maps and current weather conditions (temperature, cloud cover and precipitation).

Since there is not much information on the internet, I asked an adoptive mom to tell me about it. Following are her comments; thanks, Shawn. She wrote this in November, 2001.

"Well, the city is large like Karaghandy but much poorer. The prices of goods and services are cheeper than in Karaghandy. It is located 12 hours by train or 8 hours by car traveling southwest of Karaghandy. The travel is slow by train and there are many stops but is much safer than by car. The car ride to Zhezkazgun is not for the faint of heart. Zhezkazgun is a large mining town. It has a very nice large new medical hospital and on the same grounds it has a very nice safe hotel called the Samsung Hotel. It was recently built by the Samsung corporation. The cost of hotel room with 2 beds (twin), refrigerator and TV was about 20.00 (American dollars) a day. Laundry service for one persons clothes for 5 days was about 3.50 American dollars, everything - ironed even socks. The people of Zhezkazgun were some of the nicest I have ever met. Most people know how to say thank you and goodbye in English and were very proud to say it in English and have you say it back to them. There is a university there and many young people are learning English. Everyone travels by taxies, Hang On!! The town has a lot of poverty and yet it is very clean. The orphanage is poor but clean and they are fixing and painting as much as they can to make it nicer. It is by far one of the nicest buildings in town. The director of the orphanage was a kind and honest man. The principal of the orphanage (oversees all children) is a very special woman. My two girls really loved her. I believe the children at this orphanage are well taken care of and loved. You can't buy bottled water without gas in Zhezkazgun so get it in Karaghandy and bring it with you. For anything else you can buy it in Zhezkazgun. There are many places to shop and really great places to eat. All food in Zhezkazgun was great!!! The people of Zhezkazgun wanted to know all about America. We were invited to a traditional Kazakhstan Dinner and were honored guests. They asked so many questions and gave us as gifts a traditional Kazakhstan man's robe and me jewelry. The orphanage has 100 children. There is another orphanage in a village about 20 minutes away. The children in Zhezkazgun are beautiful. We will go back with our daughters someday, they will be very proud that they came from such special people. Zhezkazgun has stole my heart forever!!!"

Zhezkazgan city website [external link] is in Russian; geography, history

Zhezkazgan photos [external link] from a local newspaper. There is also a brief history (in Russian) and other photos.

According to Wikipedia: The Baikonur Cosmodrome lies 400 km to the south west and, by tradition, every cosmonaut plants a tree in Zhezkazgan's Sejfulin-Boulevard to mark his safe return from space.

Blog [external link] from someone in the Peace Corp in Dzezkazgan.

Baykonurova University [external link] is in Russian.

Link recently added:

Visit Kazakhstan [external link] has information about the area and lists one hotel.

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  • Cosmos gets good reviews on trip advisor.
  • Hotel Samsung Center: "April/May 2004, $20, private bath with tub and shower, room service, refridgerator, AC and heat, phone, TV, restaurant, bar, elevator, 'We preferred this accommodation over an apartment, which we did see. Guests should be equipped with a Russian phrase Book because the staff speak little English, if any. Telephone service is unreliable in the room, even though it is provided. All calls had to be made at the desk by the staff and were fairly expensive. Travelers might want to consider renting or purchasing an international cell phone. The cafe staff were very accommodating and hours of operation were from 7a.m.-11p.m. with a break from 3-7p.m. The Cafe does offer a menu that someone has handwritten in English. Diabetics may be a bit disappointed because there are no diet sodas in the City. They may also want to take their own sugar free substitute packets. Tea kettles are available at the front desk. Rooms possess TV's, but receive no channels in English. One may be able to catch an American Film dubbed in Russian/and/or Kazak. The Samsung Hotel is located in a gated compound beyond walking distance from the City and orphanage and it is necessary to take a taxi. The front desk will kindly call one for you and the cost is usually 150 Tenge. There are no attractions within walking distance. You may open the window to your room, however, there are no screens and area pollution from the copper factories can blow your way on any given day.' "
  • Baikonur: "December 2005, $70, private bath with tub, hairdryer, mini bar, room service, air conditioned, heat, restaurant, staff speaks English, pool, Kazahkmys' companys hotel, it is open to public but do not advertise. The only high standard hotel in Zhezkazgag. Contact Pekka [e-mail link] for more details." Picture of the hotel. [external link]
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