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"capital of Kazakhstan, in central Kazakhstan on the Ishim (Esil) River. Agricultural machinery and consumer goods are manufactured; there are also leather-tanning, food-processing, clothing and footwear, and building-materials industries. The city was founded as a fortress in 1824. It was called Akmolinsk and was the capital of the former Akmolinsk region until 1961, when it was renamed Tselinograd. As capital of the Virgin Lands Territory (Tselinny Kray) agricultural project, the city experienced a tremendous growth in population. After Kazakhstan gained its independence, the city and the region were renamed (1991) Aqmola. In 1994, Aqmola was designated as the future capital of Kazakhstan, and after the capital was moved there in 1997 the city was again renamed (1998). From the Columbia Encyclopedia [external link].

"Astana, formerly (until 1961) Akmolinsk, or (1961-92) Tselinograd, or (1992-98) Aqmola, city, capital of Kazakstan. Astana (meaning "Capital" in Kazak) lies in north-central Kazakstan along the Ishim River at the junction of the Trans-Kazakstan and South Siberian railways.

"It was founded in 1824 as a Russian military outpost and became an administrative centre in 1868. Its population had reached 33,000 when it was made an oblast (province) centre in 1939. The city's importance was greatly enhanced during the Soviet period by the government's Virgin and Idle Lands Campaign of the mid-1950s - Tselinograd was Russian for "City of the Virgin Lands" - and by the city's role as capital of a kray (region) that united the five northern oblasti of the Kazakh S.S.R. in 1960-65. There was much new construction and the establishment of various research and higher educational institutions (teacher training, agriculture, medicine, and engineering and construction)."

"The city's name was changed to Aqmola ("White Grave") in 1992 following Kazakstan's independence. In 1994 the Kazak government resolved to transfer the national capital from Almaty to Aqmola, a process completed in 1997, and the city's name was again changed the following year. Much of the population is employed by the railways. Various types of agricultural machinery are also produced." From the Encyclopaedia Britannica [external link].

Many of the Personal websites have pictures and information about Kazakhstan.

Europa-tech [external link] Astana area, shows nice detail of roads, small towns, and rail lines
East View maps [external link]
Astana Map with Kazakh nationality (click on map to see a larger image, shows location of Kazakhs) used with permission from World Map [external link].

Avveduto [external link] pictures from Astana.

Duman [external link] entertainment center; movie theater, aquarium, "jungle" attractions, bowling center, games, concert hall, nightclub, casino, hotel, and aqua park.

SOS Children's Villages: Astana [external link].

International Airport in Astana [external link]: information, timetables, airlines, photoalbum. In English and Russian.

World66 travel guide [external link] information and pictures.

Yahoo Group: Adopt Astana [external link] "is for people who did/will/might possibly adopt from Astana, Kazakhstan. Little recent activity.

Falling Rain [external link] has maps and current weather conditions (temperature, cloud cover and precipitation).

There is a Snapfish photo for Astana adoptive families. Contact Michelle [e-mail link] for more information.

Wiki: Astana [external link]

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Akimat of Astana [external link]

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Visit Kazakhstan [external link] has information about the area, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Link recently added: [external link]: population, long list of hotels, city flag and coat of arms, map, history, and pictures.

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Ingvarr photo album [external link]

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Ersatz Guide to Astana [external link] is an expat's impressions while living in Astana.

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  • Please note that these are very old reviews. As Astana has grown, I am sure that there are many new hotels.
  • Astana [external link] lists many hotels with rates and descriptions.
  • Comfort Hotel: 59 single/double rooms and suites, breakfast included, air conditioning, phone, TV, hair dryer, mini bar, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, lounge, business center, laundry service.
  • Okan InterContinental Hotel (no longer owned by the Holiday Inn group): 228 rooms and suites, breakfast buffet included, phone, TV, hair dryer, refrigerator, restaurant, cafe, grill, pastry shop, lounges, gym and health club, indoor heated pool, tennis, sauna, concierge, cribs available, laundry service.
  • Soonkar [external link]: 32 single/double rooms and suites, breakfast included, TV, hair dryer, room service, mini-bar, restaurant, bar, lounge, business center.
  • Tourist: 158 rooms on 9 floors, breakfast included.
  • Hotel Everest [external link]: single/double rooms and suites and apartments, air conditioning, hair dryer, mini bar, phone, TV, coffee, shop, bar, lounge, restaurant, laundry service, indoor/outdoor pools, tennis.
  • Altyn Adam: 21 rooms, restaurant, TV, phone
  • Alten Dala: "August 2003, $80/night for a standard room with 1 be for 2 people, private bath, refrigerator, AC, phone, TV, restaurant, bar, accepts credit cards, walking distance to shopping."
  • Radisson SAS Hotel [external link]: 181 rooms and suites, "all equipped with high-quality amenities expected of a first class hotel including free broadband", "part of a large complex that offers a full-service Business Centre, a department store, an office tower, several restaurants, recreation facilities, many trade galleries, residential apartments and a world-class wellness and spa centre.", restaurant, lobby bar, cigar bar, night club, bowling alley, located in the old city center.
  • Rixos President Hotel [external link]: 168 rooms mostly standard king, TV, minibar, safe, hairdryer, internet, room service, indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness center, barber/hair saloon, 2 restaurants, lounge, Irish pub.
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