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This is the information required for the Intake Worksheet at the US Embassy in Almaty. It is listed in the order that it is required. You will need both a copy and the original with translations of your court documents. They will keep the copies and return your originals. Some of the documents you will bring with you from home and most will be given to you by your facilitator. You will need one set of documents for each child that you adopt. All information here has been confirmed by the Embassy. You might also want to take your extra copy of your dossier, including your I-171H (notification of approval of I-600A, although it is not required by the Embassy). You will need a set of the following documents for each child.

See the US Embassy Kazakhstan [external link] web site: the Consular Section [external link] has contact information, forms, hours, etc., and a page for adoptions [external link]. Even though the Embassy has officially moved to Astana, visa interviews are still done in Almaty.

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  • ☐ US Passport for Mother (copy of data pages)
  • ☐ US Passport for Father (if married, copy of data pages)
  • ☐ Any parent attending the interview needs to bring their passport
  • ☐ Original Birth Certificate of Child (listing biological parents)
  • ☐ Orphan documentation (proof the child is an orphan - see Note 1 below)
  • ☐ Akim's/Dept of Health decision
  • ☐ Orphanage statement/consent
  • ☐ Court Decision
  • ☐ New Birth Certificate for Child (listing adoptive parents)
  • ☐ Adoption Certificate
  • ☐ Child's Kazakhstani passport and photocopy of information page
  • ☐ Medical Examination (sealed envelope from clinic exam), includes medical records from hospital/orphanage
  • ☐ Ministry of Education (not required, but submit if you have it; this is proof that the child has been on the registry)
  • DS-1981 Affidavit Regarding Vaccinations of Adopted Child PDF link (signed by one parent and notarized, can be done in US). For children 10 and under.
  • I-604 Orphan Investigation PDF link (fill out as best you can, the Embassy will take care of the rest). For information about the I-604, go to the US Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual PDF link: see 9 FAM 42.21 N13.4 Orphan Investigations.
  • DS-230 Application for Immigrant Visa PDF link (completed from perspective of child, do not sign until interview; see my hints new window link for filling out this form.
  • ☐ 3 photos of child, head turned slightly to the left, showing the right ear and both eyes.
  • I-600 Application to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative [external link] ("blue form", signed, does not need to be notarized; see Note 2 below; you can download the form onto white paper - doesn't have to be blue)
  • I-864 Affidavit of Support [external link] (signed and notarized, can be done in US; generally not needed if both parents see child before adoption, but verify this with your agency)
  • ☐ Tax returns/employment letter (these are the supporting documents for the I-864; you may be asked for them even if you do not need to file the I-864, so take them with you to the interview)
  • ☐ $380 in US cash or credit card; paid at the time the documents are filed.

If one spouse will not be attending the Embassy visa interview, you need to bring photos of the absent parent with the child. This is your proof that both parents saw the child prior to adoption; without it, you will receive an IR-4 visa, you will have to file the I-864, and your child will not be an automatic US citizen when you arrive in the US.

If neither parent will be attending the interview:
☐ I-600 must be filed by the adoptive parent(s) with the Embassy before you leave Kazakhstan (see Note 2 below)
☐ Power of Attorney from adoptive parents for facilitator or escort
☐ Picture of parent(s) with child
☐ Escort must show ability to enter the US, either by citizenship or their own visa; in other words, no visa will be issued just so that someone can escort a child to the US. (see Note 3 below)


  1. Orphan documentation: relinquishment of sole or surviving parent's rights, certification of unknown father, abandonment statement by hospital and/or police, address statement, affidavit looking for biological mother (if address listed), ZAGS/hospital/orphanage statement on information made up, court revocation of parental rights, parent's death certificate, proof from police/hospital/orphanage/adoption agency that attempts were made to locate/visit the mother.
  2. If no adoptive parent will be attending the visa interview at the Embassy, the I-600 must be filed prior to the parents leaving Kazakhstan. No appointment is necessary, just go by during business hours (9-5, Monday thru Friday, avoid lunch hours). You may not be able to fill out some details, such as the date of final adoption, which they will fill in later. They will keep it and put it with the rest of the documents.
  3. The Kazakhstan government occasionally allows the escorting of children out of Kazakhstan; if you are interested in this possibility, talk with your agency.

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