Adopting While Living in Other Countries

A source for adoption lists, Karen's Links [external link] is always kept current. If the adoptive parents are citizens of two different countries and/or are living in a country that they are not a citizen of, Kazakhstan requires proof from each country that the parents are suitable to adopt a child and that the child will be admited into the country once adopted; essentially, if you are a couple of different citizenship, Kazakhstan is not the best choice for you.

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  • ICANZ [external link]: Inter Country Adoption New Zealand, the only agency in New Zealand. NZ does not have an agreement with Kazakhstan, but some have still managed to adopt.
  • EEAC [external link] has a list called NZEEA-L for New Zealanders.
  • Australia and New Zealand Adoption [external link] on Adoption Forums. General adoption topics.
  • Adoption (Intercountry) Act [external link] includes ratification of the Hague Convention, adoption authorities, and citizenship act amendments. They have recently revised their website; search for "adoption" and "1997" under Statutes to find the text.
  • Department of Child, Youth and Family [external link] on intercountry adoption.

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  • Asociacion de Familias Adoptantes en Rusia [external link]: "Este grupo se crea para ayudar a todas aquellas personas que comienza un proceso de adopción internacional." Their yahoo group: socios asfaru [external link].
  • Postadopcion Rusia [external link]: "Esta lista se ha creado como un foro de intercambio de opiniones entre padres que han pasado por un proceso de adopción internacional." They also have a website Adopta En Rusia [external link].
  • Adoptiva [external link] orientación y soporte en adopción
  • Kazakhstan Embassy in Madrid: 25 Parque Conde de Orgaz ascanueces, 28043 Madrid; (3491)-7216290 (3491)-7219374, e-mail:
  • Spain Embassy in Almaty: 102 Baitursynov St.; near Satpaev St., Tel.:500906, 500907, Fax: 500905, E-mail:
  • Adopción en Kazajstan [external link]: "Lista para las personas interesadas en la adopción en Kazajstan, República perteneciente a la Antigua URSS, ahora constituida como país independiente."

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